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You select which model from our modern fleet of Airbus aircraft.

Allegiant Airbus Fleet

2020欧锦赛时间Allegiant Charters covers all North and Central America with South America coming soon.

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2020欧锦赛时间Catering services, expedited check-in, dedicated charter rep and 24/7 support.

Allegiant Flight Attendant Inflight Service

Our Capabilities

2020欧锦赛时间All of our aircraft provide pre-reclined, soft leather, economy-class seating. Select aircraft include Legroom+® seating for additional room and comfort.

Allegiant Airbus A319 Capabilities
Allegiant Airbus A320 Capabilities

Fly Anywhere to Anywhere

We can pick you up and take you to any airport in North and Central America, including Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, that is Part 139 Certified, depending on availability and operating limitations.

Charter Flights to Golf, Charter Flights to Beaches, Charter Flights to Cities
Allegiant Charter Ferrari

Customized Experience

2020欧锦赛时间You’re in control. Choose the airport, departure time and even the catering! And you’ll have the assistance of an Allegiant charter service representative throughout the entire process.

Customized Experience

You’re in control. Choose the airport, departure time and even the catering! And you’ll have the assistance of an Allegiant charter service representative throughout the entire process.

Allegiant Charter Ferrari

Aircraft Charter Process

Choose the aircraft type, airport, departure time and even the catering! We work closely with you from start to finish to ensure your experience exceeds expectations.

Our Experience

With over 20 years of experience in leisure and business travel, Allegiant’s commitment to safety, reliability, on time performance, and customer service offer the same quality of excellence, whether you charter a private or public flight.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable charter team delivers a superior experience with 24/7 access to our sales team, customer service, and operations control center. Ensuring that you have a safe and pleasant charter experience

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“Allegiant has been an engaging and reliable partner of the Indianapolis Colts for the past several seasons. We rely on their professionalism and customer service to carry our top team partners to domestic and international locations every year.”

– Ryan Lobsiger, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Indianapolis Colts

2020欧锦赛时间“Allegiant has been a rock solid partner in our mission flying U.S. war veterans to Washington DC.  They’ve been very responsive to all our requests and have given our veterans the hero treatment that they so richly deserve.  We couldn’t ask for a better wingman!”

–Major General Rick Devereaux, USAF (Ret.)
Blue Ridge Honor Flight
Asheville, NC

“Allegiant has been a great partner of the Memphis Tigers for several years. Our Athletic Department relies on their professionalism and great services when using their flights to travel to their athletic events across the country. We are very grateful for our partnership with Allegiant Airlines.”

–Todd Kucinski, General Manager
Tiger Sports Properties

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2020欧锦赛时间*By chartering an aircraft, you lease the entire aircraft and pay for the repositioning of that aircraft to your location. Please also remember that travel during off-peak periods is less expensive. This includes Tuesdays, Wednesday, Saturdays and nighttime operations. Baggage fees, catering (snack and non-alcoholic beverages), and airport services will be included in your charter price. Taxes and fees will only be included for trips within the United States. Charter rates are determined by scheduling and availability. Charter customers are responsible for 100 percent of aircraft fuel expense. Customers who intend to sell seats to general public must meet the requirements of DOT regulations 14 CFR Part 380.


We offer guaranteed group rate for 10+ passengers on our regularly scheduled routes.
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